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We have identified two Murković families in Austria: one in Salzburg and one in Graz. The earliest ancestor of each of these families is from Međimurje and Lika respectively.

It is possible that all of these Murkovic's were originally in Lika but migrated to their current location as they were trying to escape from the brutality of the invading Turkish Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. An excellent example of this migration lies with the pocket of almost 50,000 Croats in Eastern Austria (Burgenland) where they speak a Croatian that has no modern (post AD 1550) changes to the language.

However it is more likely that Murkovic's settled around the river Mur (Mura) in the 15th century or earlier and derived their name from the river itself.

Graz: Lisa, Michael, Jörg

Lisa Murkovic - born 18 october 1993 (in Graz) and lives in Graz. She has a facebook account and has kindly provided much of this information.
Hans-Jörg Murkovic - the owner of Murkovic OG 8045 Graz-Andritz Österreich - taxi and car rental company.
Dr. Michael Murkovic - the most popular Murkovic on google hails from this branch. I found Dr. Michael Murkovic from the University of Graz in the early days of the internet, way back in 1996, long before google. His field is food science.  Url: . He has a personal website at

Friedrich Murković and his father (unknown name) left Stajnica and went to Žalec, Slovenia (known as Sachsenfeld while under Austro-Hungarian rule). They were very succesful in their business and eventually they "owned" the town. While there he met Teresia Suppanez who came from a bigger town nearby named Celje. Unfortunately Friedrich Murkowitsch was a gambler and he lost the town through his gambling. They changed their name to Murkowitsch (more German, less Slavic) and moved to Leoben, Austria where he started a new credit card business and made money again.

The following contacts/facts belong to this Murkovic branch:
Chrissi Murkovic (Female) has a Staffordshire bull terrier named Inaya
Chrissy 19 / Female Steiermark, Austria - MySpace
Michael 50M, Steiermark Austria  - MySpace
Hans-Jörg 52M Steiermark Austria  - MySpace

Murko-census Graz: 6 (Adelheid, Hans-Jörg, Annemarie, Lisa, Michael, Christine)


Salzburg: Elisabeth Murković's family



Theresia ???




Dragica ???


Maja ????
(19??- )








Dragica and Ivan were born in Croatia in a small village named Vratisinec that in Medimurje. 
Ivan's parents were Josip (1914-1976) and Theresia (1915-1970) Murkovic. They were from Vratisinec too.
Dragica and Ivan emigrated to Austria in 1973 from Vratisinec, Medimurje in Croatia for economic reasons.

Igor Murkovic has lived all his life in Salzburg. He has 4 children (Ella,Noah,Elias,Nika) and is married to Maja. from : He is a financial advisor, specializing in financing of immovable property. He can assist in arranging Austrian financing of Croatian property.
Jägerwirtstr. 836
5412 Puch
Tel. 0676 – 88 400 1298

Melani Murkovic lives in Vienna but maybe she is going to move somewhere else, perhaps France... she is/was Producer/Office Manager coop99 filmproduktion gmbh Austria 

Elisabeth Murkovic was born in Salzburg and lives with her parents. She is on Facebook and was kind enough to provide much of this information. (a.k.a Eli Murkovic (eli_murkovic) (Puch, Salzburg (Österreich))).

I have asked Elisabeth for more information and am awaiting her response.

Murko-census = 10  (Ivan, Dragica, Igor, Maja, Ella, Noah, Elias, Nika, Melanie, Elisabeth)


Austria - research

This is a list of names, usernames and details that I have copied/pasted from crawling the web through such sites as facebook, My Space and so on. With time, I will order these into geographic areas and link them into trees:

Jasminka Murkovic - lightweight boxer - Nationality= Austria;
Andrea Murkovic - Austria, kickboxer
Aleksandar 20 Austria - MySpace
Isabella Murkovic (IG Metall-Vorstand, Ressort Mitbestimmung)
Dragutin Murkowic - 
Who's Who in Food Chemistry R. Battaglia;Reto Murkovic, M.Battaglia
ISBN: 9783540414483