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There are Murkovićs in the north: Međimurje County, in the east near Osijek, in Zagreb and in Lika County. Many Murkovićs emigrated from Stajnica in Lika and even though that may be their roots, this is a collection centered on the living ... which Murkovićs currently live in which area's.

Osijek-Baranja County

There are some Murković families in Osijek-Baranja County and in the adjacent Vukovar–Syrmia County.

Tanja Murkovic lives in Djurdjenovac (Osijek-Baranja County)
Dr. Ivana Murković Steinberg was born in Osijek

Zagreb County

The city of Zagreb is in this county and is the economic hub of Croatia. As a result a number of Murković families emigrated here at various times and from various places. Mostly Murković emigrations to Zagreb were from other counties in Croatia. Murković's in Zagreb have known links to Osijek and Međimurje.

The City has provided their cemetary records online and we have a number of Murković records in that database read more...

Primorsko-goranska County  

Per phone records in Croatia:
MURKOVIĆ JOSIP Dugačka BB 51252 Smokvica Krmpotska 051 796495
Smokvica Krmpotska je naselje u gradu Novi Vinodolski

MURKOVIĆ KATICA Barbat 644 51280 Barbat na Rabu 051 721206
Rab je grad u Hrvatskoj na otoku Rabu.

Lika County

Lika is one of the three major sources of Murkovićs. Many Murkovićs can trace their roots back to Stajnica and the village of Jezerane. Jezerane is about 3 km from Stajnica. Relatively few Murkovićs live there now. In terms of population, this area was at it's peak from about 1900-1920. After that, population censuses show a gradual but consistent decline in the population read more...

Koprivnica–Križevci County

In the village of Torčec in the Koprivnica-Krizevci county we find Sanja Murković and possibly her mother (?) and father (Tomica). Tomica came to this area (Koprivnica) from Stajnica, Lika when he was 16 to finish high school. He met his wife (who was originally from Dalmatcia) here and ended up living in the nearby village of Torčec. His father, Mile, still lives in Stajnica where there are some other family members. There are also some family members in Zagreb.
per phone records:
MURKOVIĆ TOMICA Braće Radić 42 48322 Torčec 048 831126, 1785736

Murko-census Torčec, Koprivnica : 3 (Sanja, Tomica, Majka) 

Međimurje County

Međimurje County probably has the densest population of Murković's. There are a number of villages and towns in this area that have Murković families. Murković's have emigrated from here to Austria and Germany. In many cases, living Murković's earliest ancestor can only be traced to this area so it is one of three major sources of Murkovićs  read more ...

Sisak–Moslavina County

There are some Murković's in the city of Sisak.

Mile Murković (1935-1994) left Stajnica to find work in Munich, Germany. He and his Dalmatian wife built a house in Sisak. read more ...