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Valentin and Terezija

This is a branch of the Murković tree that I have named {Valentin}. The families are generally located in Međimurje in the towns of Novakovec, Novo Selo Rok, Čakovec and Peklenica. Valentin and Terezija had three sons: Stjepan, Dragutin and Zlatko.

Stjepan is a building construction technician, site manager. He was born on 28.8.1969. Works in Međimurje Construction Ltd. Participated in the construction of the Hotel Excelsior (Dubrovnik), Hotel Bellevue (Dubrovnik) and in the new Golf and Spa resort in Međimurje. His wife Spomenka was born on 26.11.1967. They live at Budim 21 40317 Novakovec Tel : 040 849241
[1969-08-28-M01 and 1967-11-26-F01]

Ivona Murković from Čakovec, Medimurje, Croatia was born 29 March 1991. She is currently in Novakovec, Cakovec. She is or was enrolled in Tekstilno tehnološki fakultet Zagreb,podružnica Varaždin She has an account on facebook and married Dario Gregorinčić.

Simona Simonne Murković  from Čakovec, Medimurje, Croatia was born 31 March 1992. She currently lives in budim 19 40317 Novakovec Tel 099 5916394. She is enrolled in Visoko gospodarsko učilište u Križevcima,studij agronomije '09. She completed high school in class 3V, 2008/2009 GOSPODARSKA ŠKOLA ČAKOVEC. She has an account on facebook.

Murko-census Novakovec, Cakovec, Croatia: 3 (Simona Simonne, Stijepan, Spomenka)

Dragutin married Vesna and they have two sons, Mario and Denis. This family address is: Maršala Tita 68 40000 Novo Selo Rok Tel: 040 853028.
Denis was born 27 April 1994. He has an account on facebook.

Mario Murković from Novo Selo Rok went to school in this area however he may have moved to Prelog.
Murko-census Novo Selo Rok, Croatia:  4 (Denis, Mario, Dragutin and Vesna)
Zlatko married Marica and had two children, Ivan and Silvia.
Ivan Murković
not sure where this family is located. Information supplied by Denis from Novo Selo Rok.
Silvia Murković, sister
Zlatko Murković, father
Marica Murković, mother
Murko-census Novo Selo Rok, Croatia:  4 (Ivan, Silvia, Zlatko, Marica)
Note: They could live in Peklenica where there is both an Ivan and a Zlatko with a cell phone.