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Croatia - Osijek

Osijek-Baranja County is predominantly a plains region suitable for agricultural development. It is located in the northeastern part of the Republic of Croatia in the Pannonian region. The periodically inundated Danube River area has created the Kopački rit (Kopački Wetlands), a world-known refuge for numerous bird species, proclaimed a Nature Park and protected as a special zoological reservation. The Danube and the Drava (the latter being navigable up to Donji Miholjac and having the status of an international waterway up to Osijek) connect the area also with the European riverine network. Two airports in the vicinity of Osijek (Osijek and Klisa) connect the County with the Croatian airport network.

Tominac mentions in his book that there are Murković families in Feričanci, Otok (Vinkovci) and Komletinci. Otok (Vinkovci) and Komletinci are in a neighbouring county.

Other Murkovićs in this area:
Joso Murkovic, dipl.inž. poljoprivrede, živi u Osijeku

Đuro Murković

Đuro Murkovic was born in Lika. He got married to Mandica (?) in Lika and they moved to Feričanci. They had two sons: Josip and Slavko. It seems that at least one son, Josip, was also born in Lika before they moved. Đuro had a second wife with whom he had a son and a daughter : Mato and Kaja.

The information in this tree was provided by Tanja Murković who lives in Đurdenovac and her cousin Zoran Murković who lives in Orahovica. They have been speaking to their grandmother Ivka (Josip's wife) who still lives in Feričanci and much of the early history comes from her. Ivka mentions that the family had a saw mill in Lika. The only other saw mill connected to the Murkovic name was the saw mill in Stajnica, near the Dvor. We think that there is currently no link between Đuro and that branch of the family, so Đuro may have come from another town in Lika with a saw mill. 

Connection to America:
Josip had an aunt (name unknown) that emigrated to America. Ivka also mentioned that she and Josip had been in contact with Murkovics in New York who sent them medication on a number of occasions for their sons, specifically their son Đuro who was deaf.

Connection to Germany:
Ivka's son Đuro and his family live in Germany.

Connection to Osijek:
Slavko went on to have a family based in Osijek but we have very little information on this branch.

Ivana Murković Steinberg

Dr. Ivana Steinberg was born Murković in Osijek on July 9, 1966 but currently lives and works in Zagreb.

She owns a UK patent on "Determination of Antioxidant Activity"; her last known address: Dvorniciceva 31, HR-10000, Zagreb. 
1981-1985: Osijek, High School of Mathematics, Mathematics-computer science
1985-1990: Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, Chemical Engineer
1993-1996: Graz, Austria, Karl-Franzens University, Doctorate in natural sciences, chemistry
Training: Trained for a year in Spain and 2 years at Cambridge.
Work: worked in private enterprise in Graz and Cambridge
Currently: Assistant professor in Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb
Contact: 385 1 4597 287; ivana.murkovic @ 
Gerhard J. Mohr, Ivana Murkovic, Frank Lehmann, Christian Haider und Otto S. Wolfbeis,
Application of potential-sensitive fluorescent dyes in anion- and cation-sensitive polymer membranes.
Sensors and Actuators B, 39(1-3), 239-245 (1997).  
Dr. sc. Ivana Murković-Steinberg, docent 
Tel: 385 (01) 45 97 287 


Sister Benicija moved here after spending many years in Canada.


Per the telephone records in Croatia:
MURKOVIĆ JOSIP Vijenac Ljube Babića 5 31000 Osijek 031 358102

MURKOVIĆ ROZALIJA Baranjska 7 31000 Osijek 031 503935

MURKOVIĆ SLAVKO Opatijska 18 31000 Osijek 031 564445

MURKOVIĆ DAMIR Ivana Filipovića 39 31220 Višnjevac 031 351796

MURKOVIĆ MICHAEL Ivana Mažuranića 44A 31220 Višnjevac 098 642426

MURKOVIĆ JELICA Zvonka Brkića 38 31321 Petlovac 031 747136, 099 7862763, 099 8630803

MURKOVIĆ ZVONKO Radnička 14 31511 Đurđenovac 031 601818

MURKOVIĆ IVKA Dore Pejačević 38 31512 Feričanci 031 603307, 099 7517517, 031 603588

MURKOVIĆ BRANKO Manastirska 11 33515 Duzluk 033 673425
MURKOVIĆ VALENTINA Manastirska BB 33515 Duzluk 098 9943048

MURKOVIĆ SANJA Braće Radić 42 48322 Drnje 099 8027545
MURKOVIĆ SMILJA Braće Radić 42 48322 Drnje 098 328534