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Croatia - Sisak–Moslavina

There are some Murković's in the city of Sisak.

Mile Murković (1935-1994) left Stajnica to find work in Munich, Germany. He and his Dalmatian wife built a house in Sisak. The family still has an old house in Stajnica, a orchard, a lot of land and woods. His daughter Katica Murković was born in Munich but has lived her whole life in Sisak. She is married and her married name is Išek. Mile's parents were Marko and Kata (-1985) and they had another son, Ferdinand (1937-1985) and daughters Zora (-2009) and Marica (). Marica lives in Sisak and Zora recently died in Munich.
Per phone records:
MURKOVIĆ IVA Hercegovačka 2A 44000 Sisak 044 742277

1. kada je Mile odselio u Muenchen?
2. kako se zove njegova žena?
3. kako se zove Katicin muž?
4. kako neudato prezime od bake Kate?
5. jer se Ferdinand oženio? gdje je on živio?
6. jer se Marica sječa o njezinoj baki i djeda?

This family may have some links to America. Often first names are repeated in a family. The only other two Zora Murković's that we can find was in America and in Ogulin, Lika. There are also a number of references to Kata Murković in the American immigrants' records. Is is possible that Marko and Kata's parents or grandparents had children that emigrated to America?

The Zora in America has grandparents called Marko and Kata - really weird co-incidence???

Found a record in the USA for Julia Murkovich who was born in Petrinja, near Sisak in about 1883. She lived in Chicago, married Mathew Matanovich and had a son, George Anthony Matanovich on July 18, 1917. She had at least 4 other children.