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Eningen: Snezana and Drazen

Snezana and Drazen Murkovic - Drazen comes from Podturen, Medimurje, Croatia. Snezana is on Facebook. Click on the thumbnail to view their tree.

Drazen's brother Ivica Murkovic lives in Paderborn, Germany. Drazen parents and grandparents continue to live in Podturen - Croatia. Drazen came to Germany when he got married. Snezana's maiden name is Petak and her parents emigrated to Germany 1969.
Murko-census Eningen: 2 (Snezana, Drazen)

Salzkotten near Paderborn: Ivica, Natalija, Lucas & Michelle

Ivica and Natalija Murkovic - Ivica comes from Podturen, Medimurje, Croatia. Click on the thumbnail to view their tree. Ivica and Natalija have twins: Lucas and Michelle.
Ivica's parents and grandparents continue to live in Podturen - Croatia.
Murko-census Paderborn: 4 (Ivica, Natalija, Lukas, Michelle)

Sankt Georgen: Đuro, Ljubica & Renata

Đuro, Ljubica and Renata Murkovic have links to Tanja's tree in the Osijek region region of Croatia. We can trace that tree back to Lika.

I'm not sure if this is his contact info:
Murkovic Duro Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 9, 78112 Sankt Georgen Telefon: 07724 - 91 89 57
for the google map, we will place them in Sankt Georgen.
Murko-census : 3


Delia Murkovic -, Germany? 
School: Kopernikus-Gymnasium Walsum Beckersloh 81 47179 Duisburg 
Delia Murkovic graduated from this high school in 2006

Wachtendonk, NRW

Johnny Murkovic - singer-songwriter, from Wachtendonk 
Alter Gelinterweg 5
47669 Wachtendonk
Tel: 02836 / 972883 or 0162 / 8635198

Artist / Band Name: Famous Fanatics  
Music style: Rock / Pop
Since 2 years now, the duo Famous Fanatics, consisting of Dennis Raupach (vocals, guitar, bass) and Mika Murkovic (guitar, mandolin, there vocals). The program consists of a good mixture of age-known cover songs (Eric Clapton, The Beatles, The Police, Hot Chocolate ...) and more recent hits (Robbie Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Oasis, ...). Whether ballad or disco piece, just a good cut of the last 40 years history of music.

Provenance: 50,939 - Cologne

Relatives: Maria, Bertina, Friedhelm

Maria Murkovic
Wir trauern um unsere liebe Mutter und Oma Maria Murkovic (geb. Klein)* 2. März 1928 10. September 2011. Danke für alles, was Du uns gegeben hast. Bertina, Isabella Friedhelm, Mika Johnny, Bärbel, Jelena und Enkelkinder. Traueranschrift: Johnny Murkovic, Alter Gelinterweg 5 47669 WachtendonkDie Trauerfeier zur Einäscherung halten wir am Freitag, dem 16. September 2011, um 14.00 Uhr in der Friedhofskapelle zu Wankum. Die Urnenbeisetzung findet zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt in aller Stille statt.

[We mourn the loss of our dear mother and grandmother Maria Murkovic (nee Klein) * 2 March 1928 - 10 September 2011. Thank you for everything you have given us. Bertina, Isabella Friedhelm, Harry Mika, Bärbel, Jelena and grandchildren. Funeral Address Johnny Murkovic, Alter Gelinterweg 5 47669 Wachtendonk. The funeral for cremation we hold on Friday the 16th September 2011. At 14.00 clock in the cemetery chapel to Wankum The urn burial will take place at a later time in silence.] 

Bertina Murkovic VW council second

Friedhelm Murkovic  - Franzosenstr. 42 D-46539 Dinslaken  -Telefon: 02064 - 98875 - Branche:  Handel, Großhandel, Vertrieb 
Dipl.-Ing. Friedhelm Murkovic

Murkovic Jelena 26524 Lütetsburg Mobil: 0170 3883196 
Murkovic Jelena Mühlenweg 45 A, 26529 Rechtsupweg Mobil: 0162 9696628  

Germany - Research

This is list of names and details that I have copied/pasted from crawling through the web. With time, I will order these into geographic areas and link them into trees:

pascal 40M Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 
Akkustik-Duo 45M Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany 
Anica Murkovic - Germany?  
Heitstummann, Murkovic Telefon: 02501 - 5 90 83 
Murkovic Elena Eisenbahnstr. 14, 74219 Möckmühl Telefon: 06298 - 92 75 86 

Ariane Murkovic  (22) Nordrhein-Westfalen / Duisburg  Deutschland - great German geneology on Murkovic

Isabella Murkovic (IG Metall-Vorstand, Ressort Mitbestimmung) per 
Jelena Murkovic occurs most frequently in Germany. 
Rita and Mate
Other districts / cities with Murković are: Heilbronn (1),  Wesel (1),  Munster (1),  Duisburg (1) and  Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis (1) Germany: Bertina Murkovic  delia Murkovic  duro Murkovic  elena Murkovic  jasna Murkovic  jelena Murkovic  johnny Murkovic  marina Murkovic  mate Murkovic  maximilian Murkovic  max Murkovic  mihael Murkovic  rita Murkovic  susanne Murkovic -  Ariane Murkovic (suessebi) Stadt: Duisburg, Alter: 22  47119 Duisburg, Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) Assistant teacher (Praktikantin Ariane Murkovic )

Mihael Murkovic  - Development Engineer at Infineon Technologies AG -Germany 

Mladen Murkovic 1937-1997
from Wilhelm Karn, Framersheim (a village in Southwestern Germany, near Frankfurt am Main):
My former neighbor Mladen Murkovic's grave is located in Dorfprozelten, a village near Würzburg.
Mladen lived with his partner Irene Zimmermann in Framersheim next door to me. He used to work at Frankfurt airport. Mladen died shortly before his 60th birthday, shortly before his retirement.
Mladen went to high school in Prva Gimnazija,  Zagreb