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Croatia - Koprivnica-Križevci

In the village of Torčec in the Koprivnica-Krizevci county we find Sanja Murković and possibly her mother (?) and father (Tomica). Tomica came to this area (Koprivnica) from Stajnica, Lika when he was 16 to finish high school. He met his wife (who was originally from Dalmatcia) here and ended up living in the nearby village of Torčec. His father, Mile, still lives in Stajnica where there are some other family members. There are also some family members in Zagreb.
per phone records:
MURKOVIĆ TOMICA Braće Radić 42 48322 Torčec 048 831126, 1785736

Murko-census Torčec, Koprivnica : 3 (Sanja, Tomica, Majka)

from Marko Murkovic Country:Croatia Birthday:Dec 30, 1984 Sex:Male Weight:187.39 pounds Height:6 ft 3 inches Favorite Sport:Mountain biking. Cycles at and around Koprivnica.