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Edward (Ed), Kristi-Jo, James, Britney & Zoey are descendants of Peter and Lucy   


Bill and Mary Murkovic were born in Slovakia. Arrived in the US in 1900 and 1905. They had two children: Annie and Joe.
19 year old Jure (George) Murković arrived in NY in 1909 and said he was a coal miner in the census one year later.
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Randall Keith, Maria, Sheila, Mathew Boz's mother, Nick J, Danny D, Zvonko, Anka, Steven, Jim, Charles, Janet, John read more...


Dr. Antun "Tony" Murkovic (1902-1966)


Peter and Lucy arrived in Wisconsin in 1912 and were neighbours to Joe and Mary. Peter and Lucy's offspring are the Murkovich's in Nevada, some Stilin's and Kundinger's.
There do not appear to be any Murkovich's in Wisconsin anymore.


Mato (1885-?) and Mary (1891-?) arrived in the US in 1905 and 1910  - read more ... 
Eva (1907-1999) - read more ...


Franjo (Frank) (1904-1960)
Ivan (John) (?-1913)
Ivan (John) (1866-?)
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Petar arrived 1910 and again in 1912. Wife Kata stayed in Stajnica.
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New Mexico

John (Ivan) (1890-1909) Murkovich, died Jan 18, 1909 aged 19 at his home in Heaton, after a few days illiness. Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery , Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico.

Other states

Connecticut: Ivan; Suzanne
Florida: Chad A;
Indianapolis: Marianne S;
New Jersey: Anthony; Jeff;
Oregon: Carol G;
Virginia: Sally;
Delaware: Steven