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Bill and Mary Murkovic were born in Slovakia. They arrived in the US in 1900 and 1905. They had two children: Annie and Joe. Read more ...
Jure (George) Murković (19, born 1890), travelling with Ivan Murković (43, born 1866) arrived in NY on 16 May 1909. Jure Murković was in Jezerane; his father was Mate Murkovic from Jezerane and he was heading to Cedar River, Michigan1 to see Joso Tonkovic(?). It seems however that he ended up as a boarder in District 57, Scranton Ward 1, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. A year later in the 1910 census2, there was a 20 year old George Murkovich in Pennsylvania who had arrived in the US in 1909. He said he was a coal miner3.

Current research

Charles J Murkovich {per public records and confirmed with}
8 Clemens Rd, Jeannette, Pennsylvania 15644-0801 (1992)
991 2nd St, Westmoreland City, Pennsylvania 15692-0501 (1990)
now in Carlisle, PA? born abt. 1956 {per US Search}

Patrick M Murkovich {per US Search} born abt.1968, lives in Scranton PA. Also in Wilkes Barre, Forest City, Bear Creek Township, Wynoming and Laurel Run PA

Paul Murkovich {per US Search} born abt.1956, lives in Farrell PA. Also in Beaver Falls, PA, Norfolk, VA and Pittsburgh, PA
{from :}
And the last person was Paul Murkovich. Paul was a guy that we had done some sessions with when we were doing the demos for the ATR record and he joined the band last.
Seems to be involved with Polka America Corp: from (724) 813-0530
Ivan Murkovic {from} 1600 Detwiler Dr York, PA 17404-1139 (717) 764-6320 Listing Detail: age = 67, household= Melinda S Murkovic
Michelle L Murkovich {per US Search}, born abt, 1968, Cecil, PA (also Canonsburg, Finleyville and Pittsburgh, PA)
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Glasgow, Reade Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania
HERTZOG, Mary J. (1915-1986), daughter of Joseph & Agnes (Murkovich) Matish, wife of Frederick J. Hertzog [A/492] 

1920 Census. Pennsylvania, Allegheny, 3416 Smallman Street, Emil Murkovich (b.1886), brother in law of Nick Miljus or Milgus; 34 years old; immigrated to USA in 1910; Fireman, Contractor 
Name:Emil Murkovich 
Event Year:1920
Event Place:, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Marital Status:Single
Birth Year (Estimated):1886
Relationship to Head of Household:Brother-in-law
Father's Birthplace:Yugoslavia
Mother's Birthplace:Yugoslavia
Household ID:79
Sheet Number:5GS 
Film number:1821518
Digital Folder Number:4385023
Image Number:00646 
SELF Nick Milgus M 57y Yugoslavia
DAU Josephine Milgus F 19y Yugoslavia
SON Emil Milgus M 16y Yugoslavia
   Emil Murkovich M 34y Yugoslavia


Note 1: the record is difficult to read, but it seems like "Ed... River, Michigan" It certainly starts with an "E", but maybe there may have been some misunderstanding. There are no towns in Michigan that have "River" in their name that begin with "E". So, the odds are, they were headed to Cedar River, Michigan. The record could read "Edar River" and that could be a communication problem.

Note 2: In 1910, it was also recorded that he was Russian-Lettish (Latvian), however everyone in that area of the census was Russian-Lettish and it's possible that the census taker was inaccurate or lazy. Then, years later, the data capture was done incorrectly - the data capture did not pick up the "r" and incorrectly translated the "v" as an "r" i.e. he was recorded as "Mukoric".

Note 3: Ten years later, in the 1930 census, there was a 32 year old George Markovic, married with kids, in the same area. There some discrepancies: spelling - "a" vs. "u"; age - 32 vs. 30;  date of immigration - 1902 vs. 1909. These discrepancies seems to rule out the possibility that George Markovic = George Murkovic. It may be worth checking this out some more one day: he had a wife, Anna and three daughters Anna, Margaret and Julia. 1920 Census
Name: Anna Murkovich Or Murkovic
Event Type: Naturalization
Event Date: 1795-1952
Event Place: Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 41
Birth Year:
Affiliate Publication Title: Indexes to Naturalization Petitions to the U.S. Circuit and District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 1795-1951
Affiliate Publication Number: M1248
Affiliate Film Number: 52
GS Film number: 001412468
Digital Folder Number: 004110752
Image Number: 01858
Collection: Anna Murkovich Or Murkovic, "Pennsylvania, Eastern District Naturalization Indexes, 1795-1952"

Steven Murkovich (born circa 1915), auto-mechanic from PA, father Darko Murkovich, married Anna Wurst from PA on May 3, 1941
Name: Steve Murkovich
Titles and Terms:
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 03 May 1941
Event Place: Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status:
Previous Husband's Name:
Birth Date:
Birth Year (Estimated): 1915
Father's Name: Durko Murkovich
Father's Titles and Terms:
Mother's Name: Eushna Murkovich
Mother's Titles and Terms:
Paternal Grandfather's Name:
Paternal Grandmother's Name:
Maternal Grandfather's Name:
Maternal Grandmother's Name:
Additional Relatives:
Spouse's Name: Anna May Wurst
Spouse's Titles and Terms:
Spouse's Age: 20
Spouse's Marital Status:
Spouse's Previous Husband's Name:
Spouse's Race:
Spouse's Birth Date:
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1921
Spouse's Father's Name: Charles Wurst
Spouse's Father's Titles and Terms:
Spouse's Mother's Name: Mary Wurst
Spouse's Mother's Titles and Terms:
Spouse's Paternal Grandfather's Name:
Spouse's Paternal Grandmother's Name:
Spouse's Maternal Grandfather's Name:
Spouse's Maternal Grandmother's Name:
Reference ID: Reg. No. 2609 p 1896
GS Film number: 2025123
Frame Number:
Digital Folder Number: 4253454
Image Number: 1010
Collection: Steve Murkovich, "Delaware, Marriage Records, 1913-1954"
Name: Paul Charles Krznaric
Titles and Terms:
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 30 Aug 1941
Event Place: Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 23
Birth Year (Estimated): 1918
Father's Name: Nicholas Krznaric
Father's Titles and Terms:
Mother's Name: Ann Murkovich
Mother's Titles and Terms:
Spouse's Name: Anna Marie Guchanas
Spouse's Titles and Terms:
Spouse's Age: 17
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1924
Spouse's Father's Name: Frank S Guchanas
Spouse's Father's Titles and Terms:
Spouse's Mother's Name: Mary Cheak
Spouse's Mother's Titles and Terms:
Reference ID:
GS Film number: 2224715
Digital Folder Number: 004833163
Image Number: 00086
Collection: Ann Murkovich in entry for Paul Charles Krznaric and Anna Marie Guchanas, "Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950"