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Peter and Lucy arrived in Wisconsin in 1912. Separately Joe and Mary settled next door to Peter and Lucy.
Thomas E. Stilin died in Holmen, WI on April 23, 2010. He was born at his home in Mellen, Wis., on May 20, 1926, to Nicholas R. Stilin and Mary C. Murkovich Stilin, second daughter of Peter and Lucy. ANother of Nicholas and Mary's chodren died in Kentucky on Nov 3, 2009: Mary Cathryn (Stilin) Hafferman

The Most Precious Blood Cemetery in Glidden, Ashland County, Wisconsin is the final resting place to:

Peter and Lucy's  line:
Peter P Murkovich
(1874-1942) - this is Peter but there is a discrepancy with his birthdate. We have Peter born on 19 Jun 1876 and died on 11 May 1942.
Lucy Murkovich (1882-1974) - this is Lucy, Peter's wife.
Anne Murkovich (1901-1998) - see separate note on Anne, first daughter.
Peter J Murkovich (Oct. 2, 1907 - Apr. 8, 1985) - first son.
Katherine Murkovich (Aug. 17, 1913 - Feb. 15, 1924) - third daughter, their first child born in the USA. Died aged 10.

Joe and Mary's line:
Joseph Murkovich (1870-1953)
Mary Murkovich (1879-1932)



Murkovich, John Shanagolden 115
Note: Shanagolden is a place in Wisconsin.

Passenger Mary Murkovic

Arrived aboard the Berengaria on July 10, 1924, aged 45. This makes her year of birth 1879. Joe's Mary indicated that her year of birth was 1881 when asked in the 1920 census. The landing record is probably more accurate.

    Batch Number: P50077-1
    Packet Number:  
    Record Number:  
    Page Ref. Number: 143
    Page Line Number: 0007
    First Name: Mary
    Last Name: Murkovic
    Age at Arrival: 45y
    Gender Code: F
    Marital Status: M
U. S. Citizen? No
Ship Crew? No
    Nationality: Yougoslavia, Croatian
    Place of Residence: Glidden, U.S.A.
    Standardized Place of Residence:  
    Ship Name: Berengaria
Standardized Ship Name: Berengaria
    Ship Arrival Date: 10 Jul 1924
    Ship Arrival Port: New York
    Departure Port: Cherbourg, France
    Standardized Departure Port: Cherbourg, Manche, France
ID Number: 600771020272

Mattie Murkovich  ‎(I7367)‎
Birth  Wisconsin, United States
 Marriage Naomi Lawrence -  ‎[View Family ‎(F3110)‎‎]
 Wisconsin, United States
 Marriage Status Naomi Lawrence -  ‎[View Family ‎(F3110)‎‎]
 Death  Sparks, Washoe, Nevada, United States
 Globally unique Identifier  3D0CFEAE78FCD54EBD8EC042033DC9A68851
 Last Change 21 June 2009 - 20:33:53

In 1940 Peter (born circa 1908) and Margaret (born circa 1910) lived in Eau Claire, WI with their daughter Patricia (born circa 1937). They might have been divorced in 1942. Margaret died in 1949. Peter was a salesman in 1940.
Murkovic  Marguerite (maiden name: Griese) died 8 Aug 1949, aged 39. Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Eau Claire, WI. Source: ECL 9 Aug 1949 p2 (2 on same page)
Court case 1942: Marguerite Murkovic vs. Peter Murkovic