The Murkovic website was created by me, Dario (or Darko) Murkovic and is dedicated to my children, Michael and Andrea. The initial focus of my efforts was to give my children a good, strong feeling for their roots and to make it feel real through living connections but it's become bigger than that now.

I put many hours into it but I soon found that people started giving back, Murkovic's and non-Murkovic's were very, very helpful by email and through phone calls. My special thanks go to my father, Teta Seka, Zora Murkovic (daughter of Peter and Mary in Glidden) and especially Pat Wilkinson, who put in many hours researching our origins in Lika.

I started documenting our immediate family history when I was in my teens and renewed my enthusiasm for it roughly every 10 years. I'm in my 50's now and as I get older the intensity of my enthusiasm increases. 

A family doesn't exist without other families, so there is extensive writing and detail on other families as well.  I'm very pleased to have met many wonderful people through this project, all wonderful people.

Please contact me by email through murkovic@gmail.com or by Skype or call me on (905) 580-4203. Every little piece of information, every photo adds to the richness of our heritage.



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