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Most Murković's can trace their roots to a major region in Croatia called Međimurje or to one village in Lika called Stajnica. There are no known links between these two regions and within each region there are many families that are seemingly unconnected. I have started to categorize these families into branches. So far I have 10 branches but there are probably 10 more to come. Read more about branches under "People". There are also Murković's in the Ukraine.

In the begining...

In about 650 AD Barbarians arrived in the area of Lika, Croatia, escaping from Attila the Hun. Some Murkovic's may not have gone as far south as Lika and may have settled in Međimurje. We guess that a second wave may have occurred when in about 1550 AD, some of these then fled northwards in fear of the advancing Turks. Finally in about 1900 AD some emigrated from the old world to the new world ... read more ....

Murković - Stajnica (Dvorska Zadruga)  

This is the branch with which I am currently most familiar. Earliest records start in Stajnica and the family is linked by the Murkovic Dvor (Lodge) which they bought from an Austrian baron sometime in the 19th century and which features in the banner. The main branch of the modern family is based on Josip Murkovic (Jozo) (1860-1934), his wife Janjica Tominac (1858-1915) and their nine children (5 sons and 4 daughters). Three sons died in WW2 or shortly thereafter and left no descendants. Ivan Murkovic (Ivica) (abt. 1886- ???), has a large existing Murkovic branch and Josip Murkovic (Joško) (1887-1957), has an existing branch read more...


There were a number of Murkovic's that emigrated to the USA in the early 20th century. One community settled in the mid-west (Michigan / Wisconsin area) and another settled in the Pennsylvania /Ohio area. One son left the mid-west and went to Nevada and now there is a family of Murkovich's there too read more ...

 I've shared a map with you called Murkovics live, lived, died and lie here...: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=202509422260847020246.0004717c35608236a0763


As you can see this site is primarily in English. This is my first language. I speak Croatian reasonably and write slowly, but I am willing to try and update some content into Croatian later.
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Murkovićs in Croatia can be largely split up into the following regions: Lika (Stajnica and Gospić), Zagreb, Međimurje (Northern Croatia) and near Osijek (Eastern Croatia) read more ...


The are a few Murkovic(h) names in Ontario. In February/March 2009 a nun from the Sisters of Mercy who had spent 29 years in Vancouver BC was recently re-assigned to Valpovo in Croatia read more...


Murkovic's arrived in Slovenia at different times. There were some Murkovic's in Slovenia about four generations back (as per Michael Murkovic from Graz, Austria) and we know that some have emigrated there from Međimure, Croatia in the last generation or so. It is possible that the earlier Murković's were fleeing north from Lika to escape the invading Turks read more .....



I've shared a map with you called Murkovics live, lived, died and lie here...: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=202509422260847020246.0004717c35608236a0763

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We're looking for grandmother's - they are goldmines of information about our ancestors. Find them and ask them all about your family and then write it all down - you will never be as good as your grandmother at remembering this stuff! Remember when your grandmother's gone, so is that precious history.
(Grandfathers are OK too, but never as good as grandmothers! - also, grandmothers live longer)


The Dvor...

The Dvor in Stajnica, in a beautiful valley in Lika, is the centre of my Murković universe! read more ...


It is likely that these Murkovic's were originally in Lika but migrated to their current location as they were trying to escape from the brutality of the invading Turkish Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. An excellent example of this migration lies with the pocket of almost 50,000 Croats in Eastern Austria (Burgenland) where they speak a Croatian that has no modern (post AD 1550) changes to the language.
Austria - read more ....

Pronounciation and spelling

Murkovic is spelt Murković in Croatia and this is pronounced "Murkovich". In the english-speaking world "Murkovic" is often pronounced "Murkovik", so many Croatian families changed the "~vić" at the end of their last name to "~vich" so that it sounds right. In Europe, many people pronounce it "Murkovich" even when the accent is not present.