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Ana (Ančica) Murković

In about 1937, Ančica lived in Sljunj (?).

She liked to take photographs, had her own camera, stand and timer.

She was a teacher. record of her helping in the primary school. In the autumn of 1924, she helped gather the kids and took them to jezerane for the arrival of the new church bells (see history section).

Per death notice: Ana Kuharić rođ. Murković, died October 4, 1989, in her 87th year.
Djeca: Josip, Nada, Marija, Dubravka and Antun
Grand-children: Ljudevit, Ana, Rahela, Filip, Tereza, Marko and Lucija
Zetovi (sons-in-law): Hrvoje and Vlatko
Families: Murković, Kuharić, Došen, Crnadak-Čaplar, Harsanyi and Nad.

Franjo Kuharić (born 15 April 1919 in Pribić, Croatia, died 8 March 2002) was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was ordained in 1945 and became a bishop in 1964. He was appointed Archbishop of Zagreb in 1970. In 1983 he was made a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. He retired in 1997 and was succeeded as Archbishop by Josip Bozanić.