Bozidar (Dodo) Murkovic von Serda (1922-1985)

Mate Murković & Beata’s second son was born Bozidar, which means “God’s gift” in English but everyone called him Dodo.

Dodo escaped from Croatia with his mother and they ended up in the USA (Milwaukee). Later they moved to LA. Dodo became an architect, worked for Albert C. Martin in LA and in 1969 he designed St. Basil’s Catholic Church  LA.

Dodo was married to Branka Tuškan. By all accounts Branka was a beautiful woman and Dodo fell deeply in love with her. He divorced her when she was unfaithful to him. Later, he married a rich Texan woman (name?) who he quickly found to be too domineering and his second marriage only lasted about six months. He lived with a girlfriend for a while and Seka still communicates with her.

He, like his father, was a heavy smoker and like his father, succumbed to lung cancer in Los Angeles, California in 1985. He is buried with his mother in a LA cemetery. He never had any children and with his death, Matt’s branch of the Murković tree stopped growing.

Also known as Beau (for Bo) in the US.

Involved in the architecture of:
St. Basil's Church
Albert C. Martin and Associates, the Los Angeles architects for the church

Two large teak carvings on either side of the altar were done by the designer‐architect Boxidar von Serda. One portrays Mary and the Infant Jesus, while the other is of St. Basil, patron saint of the church, preaching the Word of God. Each weighs approximately 1,500 pounds.

His gravestone says "Božidar M. von Serda" which means that he didn't use the name "Murkovic"