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Mate 1 (c1835-c1900)

Mate Murkovic was a smart, wise guy who had improved the family’s lot by acquiring more and more land. Originally the family owned and operated a flour mill in the Stajnica valley itself. They would charge a fee for the use of their mill or they would take some of the grain/flour as payment. Mate bought (or built) the pulp mill on the south side, he bought a lot of land, including forest and he bought the house from an Austrian baron called Otto Bohutinsky (dipl. ing.agr., direktor Institute for pomology, viticulture and enology, Zagreb-Križevci, 10.X.1912). There was also a flour mill on the left of the saw mill. When Seka was young she remembers two large wheels for the mill.

Mate married Marija Mesič and they had a son Josip who came to be called Jozo. Marija was an only child and she inherited her family's wealth which helped Mate set up the business. They may have had another son Petar. Braco mentioned this possibility to me when I first drew a family tree in the late 1970's but Seka has no idea about his existence and doubts it. We don’t know what came of Petar, it is possible that he started a whole branch much like his brother Jozo who was born in 1860.

Marija Mesić

I found Marija's grave in Stajnica, next to the grave where her descendants are buried. The inscription reads:
"Here begins in God's peace MARIJA MURKOVIC, born 21 November 1835, died 18 April 1886. Ye earth, be easy on her and ye grasses, cover her breast." [the date on the photo is incorrect, it should be July 2010]
This gives us an indication of Mate's birthdate.

In Croatian:
"Ovde pociva u miru Bozjemu MARIJA MURKOVIC rodjena 21 studena 1835 umerla 13 travnja 1886. Ti zemljice ti joj laka budi a travice ti joj pokrij grudi."


I did some research on Bohutinsky however I only found the following:

Bohutinsky - had son Gustav, architect.

From Austrian govt archive re WW1 service: 
Bohutinsky, Emil (11.2.1845 - ... ), 1900 pens., 23.7.1900 GM-Char. ad hon.