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Nikola (1915-1997)

Nicola Murković
* 11 Feb 1915 Gospić
10 Feb 1997 Trieste 

Thea Lampe
* 24 Jan 1922 Jesenice


Raffaello Maggian



Thea (Dorothea)

Zvonimir Puškarić

Gian Carlos
(HR: Ivan Damir)

Nicola Mario (HR: Goran)

Gabriella Soave

Marijan Jadran



Nicola was born in Gospić, while his father was serving in the military during WW1. He was the first son to Ivan and Adela. He finished law school and while articled, he lived in Sušak.

When WW2 started, he went to Zagreb. Tominac wanted Nicola to work for him. Adela's mother (Nicola's grandmother) lived in Zagreb and Nicola went to look after her. He returned to Gospić and became a (the?) judge during WW2. When Gospić fell to the Partizans, he ran from Partizans on foot over the Velebit mountains and arrived in Trieste Italy, a trip of about 300km.

In Trieste, he rented a room. A few days later, the doorbell rang early in the morning and he answered in his pyjamas. Thea Lampe stood at the door. 
"Izvolite, izvolite" he said. ("Please come in") totally unconcerned about his clothing. 
Thea's husband had been in Gospić and she had heard that Nicola had arrived from there, so she looked him up wanting to know if he knew what had happened in Gospić. She had come to ask for news about her husband. 
Unfortunately, Thea's husband did not survive. Nicola and Thea started dating soon afterward and one year later, they were married.

Their first child, a daughter whom they called Ada (Adela), was born in Trieste. Soon afterwards in the aftermath of WW2, as many people were still fleeing Europe Nicola, Thea and their young daughter Ada left for Argentina.

In Argentina they had another five children : Joško, Thea (Dorothea), Damir, Goran and Marijan. As many Argentinian immigrants experienced, their children had to be registered with approved Argentinian names so Damir (Ivan Damir) was registered as Juan Carlos. Subsequently in Italy, this became Gian Carlos and Nikola Goran was registered as Nicolas Mario.

In about 1962, as the economic situation in Argentina worsened, the family returned to Trieste where Nicolas and Thea had another son, Thomas (Tomislav).

Ada & Raphaello Maggian 

Ada, Nicolas and Thea's first child, left Trieste as a baby and returned as a teenager. As an adult, she married Raphaello Maggian and became a highly respected lawyer in Trieste.

As the oldest child, she helped in the upbringing of her six siblings and as a child she vowed to have no children of her own. True to her word, Ada and Raphaello have no children.

Joško Murković  

Finished Agricultural school and had a civil service job in southern Italy. He married a woman of Italian descent and they had two daughters. Died in Triest about ten years ago (1999?)






Thea & Zvonimir Puškarić  

Thea and her sons have settled in Zagreb. Zvonimir and Braslav died in a car accident in 1999. Borna Puškarić went into the priesthood in 2009 and is based in Zagreb. 


Gian Carlo Murkovic

On 12 March 1954, while still in Buenos Aires, Nicola and Thea had a second son that they wanted to name Ivan Damir however as they were in Argentina, he was registered as Juan Carlos. In Italian he is known as Gian Carlo but to family he is Damir.

Book(?) written by J.C. Damir Murkovic: (JC=Juan Carlos?)

I Croati di Trieste, a cura di J.C. Damir Murkovic, Ed. Comunita Croata a Trieste, 2007
Damir Murkovic- the president of the Croatian Community in Trieste
Juan Carlos D. Murkovic Owner, Unitech S.r.l. Trieste Area, Italy

Gian Carlo Murkovic


Mr. Murkovic belongs to a Croatian family that emigrated in the mid-40s to Italy and then to Argentina. He settles in Trieste (NE of Italy) definitely in 1963.

In 1975 he begins to assist his father, Mr. Nicolas Murkovic, founder of C.G.M.-Group, in directing the company that specializes in the trade of appliances and components for heating and catering equipment and manages, within a short time, to establish it in several countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Murkovic, managing director of Unitech S.r.l., was for a long time, until its privatisation, Representataive for the former Yugoslavian Market of the companies Nuovo Pignone S.p.A. and Savio S.p.A. which belonged both to the ENI group, for which he has developed several commercial and industrial collaborations, as well.

From 1994 he is member of the Executive Counsel of ACCOA, Chamber of Commerce for Central Europe, of which he was elected, in September 1998, President of the delegation of the Trieste-Triveneto area and, in March 1999, also national President. He was recently elected again for a third mandate.

Mr. Murkovic is, furthermore, one of the founders of the Croatian community of Trieste (President) and the recently founded Federation of the Croatian communities in Italy (Vice Presidente).

For five years, in the late-90s, Mr. Murkovic was the Secretary General of the Centro culturale Veritas and actively involved in several cultural projects in the city of Trieste.

Thanks to his many years of grass root experience as entrepreneur in the field of economy, with wide interests in this part of the continent and thanks to his sensibility for the different cultures and related issues  like migration, Mr. Murkovic is often invited to give contributions as speaker and chairman in seminars, forums, meetings all over  Europe. In his role as President of ACCOA he recently headed several economic missions to Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to his Italian and Croatian mother tongue, Mr. Murkovic speaks and writes fluently English and Spanish.


Nicola & Gabriella

Nicola, Gabriella and their family settled in Trieste.

Nicolas Mario (Nicola Goran) Seka = kuma
Assists with poor people (?) Daughter Irene came to Toronto in about 2005 when she finished high school. She enrolled in an English course to imporove her English. She was considering a career in the diplomatic corps. Endre lost his car at the airport when they came to pick her up and they all wandered about a bit. 

Marijan Jadran

Born 2 May 1959 in Buenos Aires

Thomas (Tomislav)

Born in Trieste on 22 Mar 1965. Now lives in Zagreb and has three children.