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Slave Murković

Slave was the highly independent, naughty son. He was thrown out of 3 high schools: Senj, Ogulin and another. His father, Jozo, threw him out the house.

In WW1 he was in "Intendatura" - supplies. Became rich and then returned to the house, flashing the money, cockily saying "Will this open the door for me?"

He was the Stajnica representative of The Croatian Party of Rights (HSP=Hrvatska Stanka Prava), a party closely aligned with the Ustasa movement, between the wars. The party did not do very well in the 1923 election.

In about 1925, the first soccer ball was brought to Stajnica by a local (Ivo Vukovic) and soccer immediately became very popular. The Murkovic family and in particular Slave and his brother Vlado were keen supporters. They sponsored a soccer club which was called "Kapela". They paid for the goal posts, soccer jerseys, line marking equipment and the field adjacent to the mill.

Tominac has Slave's occupation as trgovac (merchant).

Slave learnt to drive whereas his brothers Joško and Vlado did not (Joško and Vlado needed a chauffer to take them around in the car). Slave would often just go off on his own, dragging his nephew Braco along. He used to call Braco "Gajga"?

Slave Murković, was murdered on the doorstep of his birth home on 17 September 1941 by attacking Serbs from Dreznica and Brinje and Communists (Ljubica Gerovac) from Jezerane.

A reference that mentions Murkovićs is in a book ”BRANILI SMO DRŽAVU” (We defended the State) by Vjekoslav Vrančić. He wrote: ” When endangered by (Serb) Chetnics, a leading local businessman Slavko Murković requested military protection from an Italian Army unit, quoting  a proclamation issued by General Ambrosio. (This General demanded that all the locals surrender their arms with a promise of protection if needed). Guided by this he handed arms to the Italians as ordered which he had for the protection of his sizeable sawmill. However, Italian military Commander declined to help him despite their presence  in the vicinity of Stajnica. Chetniks after sending threatening letters to Murković, saw that there would not be any protection from the Italians  they were able to execute their planned attack during which they killed Murković (Slavko), wounded his brother and later set the sawmill and storage facilities to fire and burned them to the ground.”