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Vjera Prpić (1901-1961)

Vjera was born in Gospić in 1901 to Ivan and Draga Prpič. We are not sure if she lived in Gospić or if Draga went to Gospić for the birth. Gospić is a major town in Lika (is/was capital?) and is a fair distance from Stajnica. In those days, travel was by horse or train and there was no train to Stajnica. It would take ….hours to travel to Gospić from Stajnica.

We know a fair amount about Vjera’s mother Draga, whose maiden name was von Poglein – separate page required.

Vjera was sent to a convent in Austria to be educated. She made contacts with nuns that she kept up through letters.

When she completed her schooling, she returned to Brinje, a couple of kilometers from Stajnica, on the road to Senj. One day, when she was in her early twenties Josip Murkovic from Stajnica who had recently returned from a Russian prisoner of war camp and who was 34 at the time came to visit her uncle Milan. One thing led to another and soon Josip started courting her. It wasn’t long before they decided to get married.

After they got married in the early 1920’s, she moved into Josip’s house in Stajnica. Her father-in-law, Joso wasn’t as nice to her as the rest of the family, but she enjoyed her life there.

They had four children. Vlasta, the first, died at an early age (at birth?). Vesna followed in 1925 and then came the twins in 1927. Because of the early tragic pregnancy and because the doctor in Lika could hear two heartbeats, Vjera went to Zagreb for the delivery of the twins. Seka was born first, Braco second. Braco went through his life saying that he was born a gentleman and that the proof was that he let Seka go first.

In spite of being in Zagreb and under supposedly higher level of medical care, a portion of the placenta remained in her womb and she got infected. There is some speculation that this led to her life changing condition which is believed to be degenerative arthritis. The disease increasingly incapacitated her.

This picture was taken in the summer of 1928. Dede and Seka were a year old and Vesna was three. A few months later came the brutal winter of 1928/29. People in Croatia still talk about it to this day.

At some point after the twins were born, Josip and Vjera decided to get a governess to help with and to further educate the kids. Vjera wrote to her contacts in Austria (nuns at convents) and asked if they knew of someone that would be willing to be governess to her children in Stajnica, Lika. The Austrian governess that Vjera employed was the daughter of an Austrian Army Colonel and she taught the kids piano, German and generally looked after the children.

The governess returned to Austria when the children were sent to boarding school in Zagreb and Vjera kept in touch my mail. Years later, the governess’ father, the Austrian army colonel, rented a floor of their home to the Murković family when the Murković’s escaped the partisans after the war.

The Murkovic family become Austrian refugees
Vjera contacted the children’s governess in Austria to tell of their plight and to her delight the Austrian family offered the Murkovic’s the upstairs part of their house for a small monthly rental. The Murkovic’s arrived in Althofen in Carinthia, Austria in 1944. Braco and Seka were 17 years old at the time.


Milan Prpić



Sigismund von Poglein von Lain Burg

Carolina von Balaš

Ivan Prpić

Draga von Poglein
(18?? - 19??)

Vjera Prpić
(1901 - 1960)




(1925- )

Igor Kiš
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Endre Harsanyi

Braco (1927-2010)

Malina Stahuljak
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