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Prpić family

Ivan Prpić married Draga von Poglein

Vjera was born in Gospić in 1901 to Ivan and Draga Prpič. We are not sure if she lived in Gospić or if Draga went to Gospić for the birth. Gospić is a major town in Lika (is/was capital?) and is a fair distance from Stajnica. In those days, travel was by horse or train and there was no train to Stajnica. It would take ….hours to travel to Gospić from Stajnica.

We know a fair amount about Vjera’s mother Draga, whose maiden name was von Poglein – separate page required.

Notes from conversation with Zvonko June 30 2013:

Children were:

Jelka (Pavlovic);
Vjera (Murkovic);
Krsto (Tata od Ice);
Marijan (tata od Miše, djed od Marijana);
... (Zvonko's mother);

Marijan: u Zagrebu, istržuje špilje (cave explorer); son Christian going into army in Oct 2013; Katarina and Maja (Marijan's sister) are in Brinje;

Braco Parac u Lovrani now 84