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Vlado Murković


Went to high school in Sušak (now part of Rijeka).

Seka says that he fancied René, the governess, a bit. He always hung around her.

Braco says that he was a very respectful, righteous person who should have gone into the priesthood.

With his brother Slave, he was passionate about establishing the first soccer club in Stajnica - read Slave's note...

In the murderous tragedy in 1925, he was severly beaten. Seka says that a bullet had passed through his hat. The record of the events mention him a number of times.

He was wounded in the Partizan attack on the Dvor in 1941 and soon thereafter he left with the rest of the family for the refuge of Zagreb.

He tried to leave Zagreb with Braco (and others) for Austria in 1945 and was turned back by the English into Partizan hands. On being returned, he was executed.

His body may have been returned to the family plot in Stajnica.

Tominac has his occupation as agronoma (agriculturist)