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Glidden branch

This Murkovich branch has it's roots in the offspring of Marko Murkovic*(1839) and Katherine Spraitz* (1828). 
Marko Murkovich* (1839-1881) married Katherine Spraitz* (1828-1912) who was eleven years older than him and they had the following chidren in Stajnica:
Petar (1874-1942) (Peter or Pete) - there is some question on Peter's date of birth (1874 vs 1876). Investigate (again).["Petar Murkovic arrived in NY on November 6, 1912. He said he was born on 29 June 1876 (aged 36) but was born on 29 June 1874 (aged 38)."] - I probably go this from Immigration records and subsequent follow up censuses. Pat Wilkinson has 1872 as his birth date - follow up. There may be more than 1 Peter.
Milan (1874-c1903) (Mile or Miles). Married Amanda and had 2 daughters and 2 sons [Mate Milan (1894-1960) and Milan (?-?)]. see separate page
Son in Germany? that Milan's son was sent to following Milan's death.
Daughter 1 - 
Daughter 2 - 

[Q. Was this the whole family? Did Zora have any more Uncles or Aunts?] Suspect there were more brothers or sisters as Franjo* Murkovic (died in Minnesota) arrived in June 1921 heading to his uncle Joseph at Box 106, Glidden

Katherine was 44 years old when she gave birth to Joe and 46 when she had Peter but Marko was 33 and 35 respectively. Marko died when he was 42 and when his boys where 9 and 7.

They had two sons that went to Wisconsin in the USA: Petar* and Josip*. In this website their families are known as Peter & Lucy and Joe & Mary