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Petar (1864 or 1866 - ) & Kata

A Petar Murkovic arrived in New York from Stajnica on his own on March 3, 1910. He noted that he had a wife in Stajnica called Kata and he said he was going to Cedar River, Michigan to see a cousin Jura (?handwriting) Murkovic. As his stated age on entry was 46 (looks like 40 on the form and captured that way in error by, he would have been born in 1864. He arrived with $33 in his pocket and he said that he could read and write.

We think that he found a job in a mine in Calumet, Michigan. At the time, Calumet was a active mining town.

He left the USA in December 1911, but returned seven months later on August 3, 1912. He returned to Michigan from Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada, stating that he was 46 years old again (possibly born in 1866?), a labourer, that his last permanent address was Soo, Ontario(Sault Sainte Marie), had a wife called Kata in Jezerane and confirmed that he had been to the US before (in 1910). He was headed to his friend Josef Murkovic in Ironwood, Michigan to seek work. He had $22 with him.

We have not found a record of Kata entering the USA and could find no further record of Petar after this time.


2013-05: This could be Peter of "Peter & Lucy". As dioscovered in conversation with Zora, Peter's mother was Katarina or Kata. It's possible he lied a little about his age and wife. Peter may have come a gone a few times. Need to get a good timeline.