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Ivan (1866-1913?) & Jure (1890-?)

On 16 May 1909 Jure Murković (19), travelling with Ivan Murković (43) arrived in NY.

Jure Murković was born c.1890 in Jezerane; his father was Mate Murkovic from Jezerane and he was heading to Cedar River, Michigan1. It seems however that he ended up as a boarder in District 57, Scranton Ward 1, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. In English, Jura is George and a year later in the 1910 census2, there was a 20 year old George Murkovich in Pennsylvania who had arrived in the US in 1909. He said he was a coal miner3.

Ivan Murković, his travelling companion, was born c.1866 in Jezerane; his wife was Maria from Stajnica; In English, Ivan is John and therefore in the USA, they would be John and Mary Murkovich;

The two travellers were going to Joso Tonkovic? in Cedar River1, Michigan.

Digital images of relevant records:
Immigration record page 1  Immigration record page 2 1910 census record

Note 1: the record is difficult to read, but it seems like "Ed... River, Michigan" It certainly starts with an "E", but maybe there may have been some misunderstanding. There are no towns in Michigan that have "River" in their name that begin with "E". So, the odds are, they were headed to Cedar River, Michigan.

Note 2: In 1910, it was also recorded that he was Russian-Lettish (Latvian), however everyone in that area of the census was Russian-Lettish and it's possible that the census taker was inaccurate or lazy. Then, years later, the data capture was done incorrectly - the data capture did not pick up the "r" and incorrectly translated the "v" as an "r" i.e. he was recorded as "Mukoric".

Note 3: Ten years later, in the 1930 census, there was a 32 year old George Markovic, married with kids, in the same area. There some discrepancies: spelling - "a" vs. "u"; age - 32 vs. 30;  date of immigration - 1902 vs. 1909. These discrepancies seems to rule out the possibility that George Markovic = George Murkovic. It may be worth checking this out some more one day: he had a wife, Anna and three daughters Anna, Margaret and Julia. 1920 Census


Minnesota Death Index: Name: John Murkovich ; Death Date: 6 Sep 1913 ; Death County: Saint Louis  ; State File Number: 012222  ; Certificate Number: 012222  ; Certificate Year: 1913  ; Record Number: 127687  
Q. Could this be Ivan?