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Joso (Michigan)

On 20 August 1913, Petar Spreic (22, born in Stajnica); father Ivan from Stajnica; incorrectly captured in database as "Ipreic"; destination = uncle Joso Murkovic at 409 Bundy Str. Ironwood, Michigan, arrived in the US on Philidelphia Passenger List 1913, Cassel.

Earlier recorded as 1933 (check if this is right):
In 1933, a Petar Spreic(22) whose father was Ivan Spreic in Stajnica, and who was born in Stajnica, went to visit his uncle Joso Murkovic at 409 Bundy Str, Ironwood, Michigan - this is still a valid address. 

Next time you're in Ironwood, Michigan, drive by, ask around and let me know what you find. Note: Spreic is likely to be the anglicized version of Šprajc.

Note (May 2013): Peter and Lucy's {Glidden} roots have a Šprajc. This Joso could be a duplicate.