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Border crossings

Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1954 about Petar Murkovic

Name:Petar Murkovic; Arrival Date:24 Aug 1912; Port of Arrival: Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, United States; Age:46; Birth Country:Austria; Gender:Male; Race/Nationality:Croatian; Record Type:Manifests; Wife=Kata Murkovic from Jezerane; destination= Ironwood, Michigan. Travelling with a number of Perkovic's and other Croatians. If 46 in 1912 then DOB= abt 1866. [1866-06-31-M-001]
This was the Canadian record but he was leaving Canada, heading to Ironwood, Michigan.

Per the card dated August 3, 1912, it seems he lived in Sault St. Marie and went to the US for work. He was in the US before, from 1910 to Dec 1911 and lived in Calumet, Michigan. He was going to visit his friend Joseph Murkovic in Ironwood, Michigan and was going to look for work.

Earlier, on August 3, 1912:

(Theory: it is possible that he landed in the US in abt. 1909 and lived in Calumet, Michigan for a while. In Aug 1912 he went back to set things up for his wife Lucy and the kids. Lucy and kids arrived in November 1912. Problems: He says his wife is Kata. Check: 1920 Census.)