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Ellis Island

Ellis Island was the landing place for many US immigrants. has the 17 records related to "Murkovic":

1909-02-19: Ship: Chicago; From: Le Havre (not in Ellis Island search for Murkovic, but should be:)

Marija Murkovic - from Stajnica; 29; married; father= Tome from #91 Stajnica; husband= Josip Murkovic, Calumet, Michigan
Ivan Murkovic - from Stajnica; 6; single; 
Both mother and son were born in Stajnica. 
Marija: If 29 in 1909, then dob= 1880. [1880-06-31-F-001D]
Ivan: If 6 in 1909, then dob= 1903. [1903-06-31-M-001D]

1909-03-26: Ship: Argentina; From: Trieste

13.  Petar Murkovic - Stajnica, Hungary; 39; married; Wife= Anna Majsimovric; destination Apple Lane, Calumet, Michigan; 
first visit to USA; He was held for a special inquiry, Cause= LPC Med.Cert.(?) and admitted on March 28, 1909. 
If 39 in 1909 then dob= abt 1870; [ID:1870-06-31-M-001D]
15.  Peter Murkovic - HELD INQUIRY - 1909 [ID:1870-06-31-M-001D]

1909-05-16: Ship: Caroline; From: Le Havre

5. Jure Murkovic - from Jezerane, Austria; 19; single; Father= Mate Murkovic from Jezerane; destination= Eden River (probably Cedar River), Michigan
If 19 in 1909, then dob=1890. [1890-06-31-M-001D]
4. Ivan Murkovic - from Jezerane, Austria; 43, married, Wife= Maria Murkovic from Stajnica;destination= Eden River (probably Cedar River), Michigan
 - both were going to visit Jozo Perkovic in Eden River (probably Cedar River), Michigan. 
If 43 in 1909, then dob=1866 [1866-06-31-M-001D]
Both were born in Jezerane.


11. Mika Murkovic - Jezorane, Austria; 35; married; Wife = Maria Murkovic from Stajnica; destination=Eden River (probably Cedar River), Michigan; first time to USA; going to friend Joso Perkovic in Eden River (probably Cedar River), Michigan; born in Jezerane.
Probably Miko - see Feb 1910.
If 35 in 1909, then dob=1874 [1874-06-31-M-001]

1910-03-04: Ship: Chicago; From: Havre

14. Petar Murkovic - from Stajnica; 40; married; wife=Kata Murkovic in Stajnica; destination=Cedar River, Michigan; first time in US; visiting friend and cousin Juro Murkovic in Cedar River, Mich.; born in Stajnica.

If 40 in 1910, then dob= 1870. [1870-06-31-M-001]
Incorrectly indexed as age 46, should be 40.

1910-04-19: Ship: Ryndam; From: Rotterdam

10. Mate Murkovic - Stajnica, Hungary; 16; single; Father= Tomi Kurat (?) from Stajnica; Destination= Clairton, Pennsylvania; visiting friend Mijo Perlic; Born in Jezerane(?)
If 16 in 1910, then dob=1894 [1894-06-31-M-001]
incorrectly indexed as age:18

1910-02-25: Ship: La Bretagne; From: Le Havre 

12. Miko Murkovic - from Stajnica, Austria; 36; married to Maria; destination=Cedar River, Mich. to brother in law ...(?) Murkovic; Marked as never been to US before but doubt it - see last year, Mika May 1909

If 36 in 1910, then dob=1874 [1874-06-31-M-001] - Miko/Mika, married to Maria, born in 1874, going to Cedar River, marked as same person. Entered US twice.

Also arriving on this page is Mate Markovic from St.Peter whose father was Anton Markovic in Ogulin. Was in US in 1902, heading to Pittsburgh.

1912-11-05: Ship: Kronprinz Wilhelm; From: Bremen

6.  Lucia Murkovic - from Stajnica, Croatia; 32;
1.  Anna Murkovic - from Stajnica, Croatia; 9;
7.  Maria Murkovic - from Stajnica, Croatia; 6;
16. Peter Murkovic - from Stajnica, Croatia; 4;
Mother and three children headed to Ironwood, Michigan; going to join husband in Ironwoods, Michigan.

1921-06-22: Ship: Paris; From: Le Havre

2. Franjo Murkovic - Stajnica, Jug.Slave; 17, single

1922-11-12: Ship: France; From Le Havre

17. Roza Murkovic -  Vratišinec, Jugoslav; 30; married; destination=Niles, Ohio; husband=Steve Markovic from 51 Bahu Street, Niles, Ohio; born Vratišinec. dob= 1892.
3.  Joseph Murkovic -  Vratišinec, Jugoslav; 8, single dob=1914

1924-07-10: Ship: Berengaria;From: Cherbourg, France

9. Mary Murkovic - last residence=Glidden, U.S.A.; 45; last entry to USA is stated as 1909; destination= Joseph Murkovich, Box I06 Glidden, Wisc. USA; born Stajnica. Approx. date of birth: 1880. There is some history on the Wisconsin page but not sure where the record for entry in 1909 came from. She may not have come to the USA through Ellis Island.
8. Mary Murkovic - Glidden, U.S.A.; 45 -manifest line 7 (duplicate, erased)