Where we can piece together a biography or a timeline, pictures about a specific person, we will create a page for them. Generally we only have stories about people that are deceased but in future we can also create some kind of social networking functionality for the living. Murkovic's can be grouped in to major branches for example I come from a branch the roots of which we can trace back to one house in Lika. I gave our branch the name "Dvor" (what the house was called). It is useful to give each branch a name so that when you are looking at a listing of Murkovic's, you can see which branch they belong to. So I have given each larger branch a name on this site - think of it as your sub-surname. All branch names will be italicized and shown inside curly braces e.g. {Dvor}

Branches so far are:
from Stajnica: {Dvor}, {Glidden}, {Graz}, {Mile}, {Đuro-Osijek}, {Marko}
from Međimurje: {Valentin}{Vratisinec}, {Podturen}, {Salzburg}

Each branch has it's own source or root i.e. I couldn't find evidence that any of these branches are linked. Please look at the Identification Numbers spreadsheet under Research for details.